Month: August 2014

It’s growing like a banshee, and it may kill you

Disclaimer #1 – I am unaware nor have I researched how quickly banshees grow, but I bet it’s freaking fast.

Disclaimer #2 – Maybe your mom can help.

Disclaimer #3 – But, I doubt it. Depends on your mom.

The other day I pulled up in my entirely non-automatic truck (no power steering, no power anything. I hope the whole your car represents who you are bit isn’t true. Wes Lapioli: No Power Anything, is pretty pathetic) and I saw this:



Woah. What the crap is that thing? It seriously grew out of nowhere. The kicker is – we didn’t plant it. This was a couple weeks ago too. It’s out to the sidewalk, and it has about 20 pumpkins growing in there now.

While kinda cool – it is also freaking me out. Could there be vigilante gang bangers that  go around secretly planting huge plants in people’s yards? Hardcore gang. They’re called The West-side Greens – and they will jack up your yard man.

This whole plant coming out of nowhere caused me to put on my Descartes/Kant/Nietzsche hat (pick your flavor of philosopher).

Wes-face-self-reflection-race-thing BEGIN!

Is there perhaps something growing inside of me that isn’t me at all? Something I don’t want to cultivate? Something I really don’t want to be, become, and something I definitely did not plant? If I really take sometime and think about who I want to be – I sadly find a whole lot of uncontrollable pumpkin plants.

Chalk it up to culture, media, weakness, family history or the West-side Greens – it doesn’t matter.  This stuff is a part of who I am, and I don’t want it to be. Anybody manufacture any good soul weed (crazy unstoppable plant) killer?

What do you do to try and kill unwanted characteristics/patterns in your life? As a dude interested in human behavior I’d love to hear. If you don’t know – lets figure it out before these banshee plants rip our faces off.


Music, the World, and That’s All I Got

“Music’s the only thing that makes sense anymore man.”

You ever see that Beatles extravaganza “artsy” movie that came out several years ago, Across the Universe? I’ve seen the sucker a fair few. While there was some good moments, the real reason I’ve peered through this take on the Beatles universe multiple times – is my wife has the hots for Jim Sturgess (she’ll deny this claim, shes lying). I should be the wisest of the wise wisey people having traversed the universe so many times. Alas, I am but a humble idiot. Also, half of the movie must be what feeling stoned is like.

Anyway – when the world seems to be exploding I always think about that line referenced above. Music. When the amount of flat out evil seems to be dominating our universe – what is left that makes sense? What makes sense to you during troubling times might just be the core of who you are – or perhaps what you should be spending your precious time on.

I wish I didn’t need wake up calls like horrific events in the world to help me remember how most of what I face everyday is extremely trivial. “Suck, no more oatmeal creme pies in the vending machine!” Struggles man, struggles. While there are bigger obstacles in my life than vending machine qualms, everything I face is truly just an oatmeal creme pie in comparison to whats happening in the world. I cannot fathom the straight-up evil. I feel powerless. All I feel like I can do is write. Play music. Love my loved ones. And for you religious folk – pray.  So be you, do what makes sense to you – unless it’s all this evil crap. In that case – freaking stop. Welp, off to Jimmy Johns :).

That look…

IMG_2560This is one of my favorite images of all time. You know that look. You done bad man, bad.  Our ability to communicate through expression and body language is a beast cake*. Look at that face! This happens to be my wife’s face. I captured so many little subtleties of her personality in this one image. There is a little annoyance, disapproval, a slight smirk, but still some mystery. What is she thinking exactly? So many subtleties here that all add up to this woman I desperately love. Fun stuff.

“You’re a writer Wes?” states this cute mysterious free floating wife face head thing. “Um… yep. Didn’t you know that?” Apparently she didn’t. Apparently nobody really knows that about me. So here I go. I’m going to keep up my writing chops here. To date I’ve written 3 short films, one full length comedy film, lyrics to hundreds of songs, far too many boring but usually A+ graded psychology papers, and I am finishing up a book.

The book discusses my struggle to become a successful creative person via self therapy sessions. It’s a comedy memoir narrative type thing where I tell stories about being rejected by Bill Murray, John Cleese, and a whole bunch of other fun letdowns you can laugh at. Get ready because I’ll be chanked* if I don’t get the thing published. ROCKmaninoff my friends.

*Mmm delicious.