That look…

IMG_2560This is one of my favorite images of all time. You know that look. You done bad man, bad.  Our ability to communicate through expression and body language is a beast cake*. Look at that face! This happens to be my wife’s face. I captured so many little subtleties of her personality in this one image. There is a little annoyance, disapproval, a slight smirk, but still some mystery. What is she thinking exactly? So many subtleties here that all add up to this woman I desperately love. Fun stuff.

“You’re a writer Wes?” states this cute mysterious free floating wife face head thing. “Um… yep. Didn’t you know that?” Apparently she didn’t. Apparently nobody really knows that about me. So here I go. I’m going to keep up my writing chops here. To date I’ve written 3 short films, one full length comedy film, lyrics to hundreds of songs, far too many boring but usually A+ graded psychology papers, and I am finishing up a book.

The book discusses my struggle to become a successful creative person via self therapy sessions. It’s a comedy memoir narrative type thing where I tell stories about being rejected by Bill Murray, John Cleese, and a whole bunch of other fun letdowns you can laugh at. Get ready because I’ll be chanked* if I don’t get the thing published. ROCKmaninoff my friends.

*Mmm delicious.



  1. Regarding the photo, I’ve seen that look before. When it happened in my life, I was able to reflect on it later, focusing in on the fact that I deserved that look, but not in the way you think. That look is intimate. Its intimate to us because of what it means. And what it means is based on trust and familiarity that’s not granted to just anyone. It’s the result of hundreds of thousands of smiles shared and because of one another. It’s the byproduct of tears of joy and uncertainty. It’s the effort of someone who cares not just about themselves anymore. Next time you see it — that look — and I have no doubt you will my friend, consider those prerequisites that allowed it occur in the first place, because trust me… it will melt your heart.

    1. Indeed my friend. Very true. I hope I can be centered enough to realize that next time around! It will probably be in a few hours when I get home from work. 🙂

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