Fatty on Nutrition and Health? Haha. I swear it’s not a joke.

Yes, believe it or not – Wes Lapioli aka “Fatty” from the the Fatty and Chubs Show is writing something about health and nutrition. That’s not like him at all. He’s gunna lose his Fatty credibility card.

Aside from being an American (America: the worlds capital of processed foods and bright sparkly shiny sugar castles as far as the eye can see), I was also raised with a complete lack of real nutritional education. It’s not my dang moms fault either. She really didn’t know much better. There was the whole “eat your vegetables” thing, but some veggies can’t counteract a life full of soda and Cheetos.

I am in my thirties, and I feel like I am barely getting a grasp on true nutrition and what it will take to freaking take better care of my body once and for all. I am dedicated to change. I will not fail. I am only a couple months in, but this is it man. I have spent the past 20+ years trying out what it’s like to be the fat guy, and it turns out – it sucks. Bottomline, I have amazing kids and an insanely gorgeous wife (yes and intelligent, sheesh lay off) that I want to be around for. I’m pretty sure they are more important than Apple Fritters (man I subconsciously capitalized that haha, donuts are so important to my old fatty self they even require capitalization).

Plan DogsSo to the left there is essentially what I am doing. This is the basic outline, but overall I am eating way less carbs, no sugar, and drinking a ton of water. I’m down 15 pounds today. Only several hundred thousand to go, but I’ll get it kids. If someone reads this that needs support, please let me know. I know some great bra stores. I can also talk to you about this health stuff. You can also check out a little video where I talk about this crap by CLICKING HERE.